Associate Professor - Tran Dang Xuan
Associate Professor: 2012~, Hiroshima University
Assistant Professor: 2006-2011, University of the Ryukyus

Postdoc: 2004-2006, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

Graduate Schools: Kagoshima University, United Graduate School of Agriculture (Ph.D, 2004), Miyazaki University (Master, 2001) 

Field of Research: Plant Breeding, Genomics, Weed Science, Sustainable Agricultural Production, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biomass Energy 

Hobby: Reading, Karate (black title-2nd grade-二段), Jogging 
Languages: Vietnamese, Japanese, English

Birthday: 1973
Nationality: Vietnamese 

Graduate students

JDS Student - Kommaly Inthavong
Kommaly Inthavong is a JDS student from Lao PDR. She joined Xuan Laboratory October, 2016. She is working for ministry of science and technology, Laos. She loves listening music, playing badminton and volleyball. 
Master Student - Noudeng Vongdala
Noudeng Vongdala is a JDS student from Lao PDR. He joined Xuan Laboratory October, 2016. He is working for ministry of natural resources and environment, Laos. He loves playing soccer, travelling new places.
From April 2015, our Lab includes 19 members: Associate Professor Tran Dang Xuan. 6 PhD students, 10 Master's students (Uzbekistan 2, Bangladesh 1, Lao 1 and Vietnam 6), and 2 research students (Vietnam 1, China 1).
Master Student - Mohammad Shamim Hasan Mandal
Mr. Mohammad Shamim Hasan Mandal is a master student. He is a Bangladeshi national who pursued his Bachelor of Agriculture degree and Master of Agronomy from Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Bangladesh. His research interests focused on rice, rice genetics and remote sensing.
Master Student - Ravshanbek Nuriddinov
Mr. Ravshanbek Nuriddinov is a master student from Uzbekistan.
Master student  - La Hoang Anh
La Hoang Anh is a master student in the Xuan's laboratory since April, 2015. Before joining the Xuan's laboratory, he worked as an Assistant Researcher at the Agricultural Genetics Institute in Hanoi city, Vietnam. Meantime, he is involved in the research work titled: "Quality Evaluation...
Research student - Du Jia Fang
Du Jia Fang joined Xuan's laboratory in April 2015 as a research student.
Master student  - Yang Anhao
Yang Anhao is the second year master's student in the Xuan's laboratory. His research activity is related to the selection of sorghum by biomass and sugar contain.
Master Student - Naqib Ahmad Fakoori
Naqib Ahmad Fakoori is a master student in Hiroshima University under the 4th batch of “PEACE” project  (JICA). Before he worked as a Manager of Babur garden Kabul Municipality in Afghanistan. His research plan about the “Influence of climate change on crop-production in Afghanistan”.
Master's Student - GU GANGQIANG
GU GANGQIANG has been admitted to the Xuan Laboratory for undertaking his research activity within an academic year. From April 2015, He will continue his stay in the Xuan's laboratory under the master course. He is developing application on Utilization of agricultural waste for energy production...
Master student - Luong The Minh
Luong The Minh is from Vietnam Southern Institute of Agriculture. He begins his Master course in our Lab from this April. His research is about the use of genetic markers on breeding rice tolerant to salinity.
Master student  - Do Tuan Bach
Do Tuan Bach is from Thai Nguyen University. His research plan is to conduct a research on selecting rice with high yield and marketedly acceptable quality.


Alumni - Gong  Zhe
Ms. Gong  Zhe is a Chinese student who completed her PhD on September, 2016. We wish her successful life in future
Alumni - Tran Anh Duc
Mr. Tran Anh Duc, from Vietnam, completed master student in the Xuan's laboratory on September, 2016. His birthday is 7th December, 1991. He is an Assistant Lecturer at the Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. His master research title was "Economic contribution of forest products...
Alumni (JDS Student) - Chindavanh Souriyaphack
Ms. Chindavanh Souriyaphack (One) is second year master student at Xuan Laboratory. Her home country is Lao PDR, where she is working at the Department of Water Resources under the Ministry of Natural Resources, Vientiane, Lao PDR. Her master's research related on groundwater quality issues...
Alumni (Visiting Professor) - Dr. Abdelnaser Abdelghany Elzaawely
Associate Professor Dr. Abdelnaser Abdelghany Elzaawely joined Xuan's laboratory as a Visiting Professor. He is one of the distinguished staffs of the Faculty of Agriculture in Tanta University, Egypt. He has several best scientific paper and research collaboration with Assoc Prof. Tran Dang Xuan....
Alumni (JDS student) - Mr. Ziyavuddin Shamsiddinov
Mr. Ziyavuddin Shamsiddinov is the first year JDS scholar, who undertakes a master studies in the Xuan's laboratory. Before joining the Xuan's lab he used to work for New Angren Power Plant as an engineer Repair Department. During his master studies, he will observe the dissemination of Solar...
Alumni - LU Fei Fei
LU Fei Fei was a  student in Xuan laboratory. She joined the lab in October, 2014.
Alumni (JDS student) - Mr. Khusniddin Alikulov
Mr. Khusniddin ALIKULOV is the alumni  of Xuan laboratory. He is JDS scholar and his country is Uzbekistan. His research was related to the application of Biomass Energy in Uzbekistan.
Alumni (JDS Student) - Pheakday
  • Pheakday is graduated Master's student from our Laboratory. Before coming to Japan, he worked in Ministry of Environment and had years of experience in environmental conservation collaborated with NGOs in Cambodia. 

  • His Master's thesis is development of rice lines tolerant to salinity towards climate change.

PhD Students

Truong Anh is a PhD student who at Xuan Laboratory who is also working as a Researcher at Institute of Agricultural Sciences for Southern Vietnam. Her PhD thesis work is association of agronomical, physico-chemical, phytochemical and genetic characteristics with amylose content in rice (Oryza sativa...
PhD Student - Fan Xinyan
Fan Xinyan is a second year PhD student at Xuan laboratory
PhD Student - Nguyen Van Quan
Mr. Nguyen Van Quan complete his master degree in September, 2016. He is starting his PhD this semester. His major is Biochemistry and Biodiversity. Mr. Quan, born on February 26th 1989, is working as a Lecturer of Biology at Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam. His hobbies includes...
PhD Student - Roni Yulianto
Mr. Roni Yulianto is a PhD student. Currently working on grassland science to improve grassland quality.
PhD Student - Pham Thi Thu Ha
Pham Thi Thu Ha is a first year PhD candidate in Xuan's laboratory from April 2015. Before, she was a Research Assistant at the Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute in Can Tho City, Vietnam. Meantime, she is going to conduct research work with project title: "Principal Scientist Genetic and...
PhD Student - Phung Thi Tuyen
Tuyen is the first year PhD student in the Xuan's laboratory, who was used to work at the Forest Plants Department, Faculty of Forest Resources and Environmental Management, Vietnam Forestry University.
She will conduct a research work on the Determination of Bioactive Substances in Castanopsis...
PhD Student - Do Tan Khang
Khang is a lecturer at Biotechnology Research and Development Institute, Can Tho University, Vietnam.
He is conducting the project titled "Identification of phytochemicals involved in germination of rice", from 2014 to 2017. Furthermore, He has a leadership skill in managing solid research...
PhD Student  - Truong Ngoc Minh
Truong Ngoc Minh is the first year PhD student, and has entered our Laboratory in April 2014. He has spent one year studying Japanese in Tokyo before coming to our Laboratory.

His research is about Antioxidant activity and phytochemical analysis of Phalaenopsis Hybrids.

He is...
PhD Student - Nguyen Thanh Quan
He is a first year PhD student in Taoyaka Program. He was working in Vietnam Agricultural Genetics Institute (AGI). His present research topic is "Application of Biotechnology in Improving High Yield Rice Tolerance to Abiotic Stress for Coping with Climate Change".

PhD Student - Nguyen Phu Toan
He is a first year PhD student and is a scholar of  Global Leader Program granted by Hiroshima University. He is to carry out a 5 year research (Master and Doctor) at IDEC, Hiroshima University.

His research is about developing rice lines tolerant to blast using molecular...